How to create a varnish mask in a few seconds

Design Software

Use your preferred design software to prepare your print and varnish files. Be creative and get the most out of your print jobs.

Where to start?

Before starting to work on the embellishing mask files, you need to decide which areas you would like to highlight and which effect you would like to achieve.

You can create different thicknesses, textures and special tactile effects to make your printed and embellished piece stand out.

Effects that can be created with the JETVARNISH 3D TECHNOLOGY:

  • Add a layer of varnish to make one element of your design look raised
  • Adding a certain pattern or a structure with different thicknesses to the normal print creates a 3-dimensional effect
  • Enhance your design with digital hot-foil stamping and create a high-end finishing with a tactile effect
  • Add a combination of both varnish and foil to your design

How to combine varnish and foil?

For a combination of varnish and foil enhancement, it is recommended to create 2 separate mask files.

The foil finishing is applied first – the elements to be enhanced with varnish only should not overlap with those already selected for the foil coating.

Try it yourself!

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Saving a mask

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