Sensory varnish - create a new sensory experience and let your customers feel the print

The printing market is developing fast and there is no longer much money to be made in printing “me-too-products”. The only way for you to achieve worthwhile profits is to take your creativity to a new level. Just add 3 dimensional varnish and foil to the printed piece and turn the “standard” into “premium” prints. Your customers will appreciate the innovative approach and accept to pay extra:

Readiness to pay more

European print buyers indicate they are willing to pay a premium of up to 89% over CMYK only for digital print enhancements. Print buyers would accept the highest premiums for textured (89%), foiled (82%), and metallic effects (51%).

With the digital varnish technology, you’ll find it easy to spot coat digital prints, highlight defined areas, or add 3D effects – all of which will help you to offer attractive and vivid print products that provide a tactile experience. What’s more, the combination with the inline hot foiling module iFOIL gives you a wide choice of colours and brilliant effects.

Charge for print enhancement

Print service providers were asked: “Compared with digital CMYK, only printing, how much of a premium or percentage increase can you charge for print enhancement?”

Specialty colours (28%), foils (28%), and textured (27%) had the highest percentages of respondents stating that they charged premiums of 50% or higher.

“Touching different varnish structures is a great emotional experience.”

Nadine Strotmann
Sales and Consulting,
druckpartner, Germany
 Success story



  • Konica Minolta piezoelectric drop-on-demand heads
  • Eco-friendly on-the-fly drying & curing with integrated LEDs (JETVARNISH 3DS is equipped with the in-line LED dryer curing unit)
  • Varnishing directly on toner without lamination
  • Varnishing on offset prints with or without acrylic lamination
  • Accurate sheet-to-sheet registration with AIS scanner
  • For personalised spot coating and foil applications
  • High productivity with single pass printing

  • Exclusive look and feel

“With this exclusive technology, we will be able to offer our customers communication media, which incorporate a third dimension.”

Jacky Gerard
Quick PRINT, France
 Success story
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